Been around for awhile now.  Maybe we’ve been together my whole life or I came to you with a little road under my paws.  We’re calmer than we used to be and a lot easier to be around than when we were crazed pups. It’s not that we’re old enough to know better.  We still like to run, jump, swim, tug, chew, and play just as much, it just takes a little longer to recover than it used to. So, we spend a lot of time listening and observing (well OK, we spend a lot of time sleeping too). We hear what’s said on the street, in the park, in the home, and on TV (much more interesting now that it’s all digital.  It used to be just a flicker...but I dogress).

From all this watching and listening we have message for you. Remember when I was younger and you’d feed me a bone or a table scrap from your hand and I might have been a little overzealous on got a little teeth on skin?  You pulled the food away and what did you say? Come on you remember…. Be nice. Be nice!

We are old enough to know that life is too short and the gift in that is that we appreciate it more.

Hold your face up and sniff the wind, roll on your back in the snow or grass, play and be nice to one another.

And you're welcome! ; )

- Elsa, Betsy, Russ, Buffy and Odin

We donate a percentage of each sale to Marley’s Mutts Pawsitive Change Program and the Juvenile Pawsitive Change Program in support of the rehabilitation of both man and canine.
— The I Ain't So Old Pack